“Stress in the Era of Globalisation: Can Tourism be a Remedy?”

Rupanjana Sinha


This study tries to relate the concepts of globalisation, stress and tourism. Globalisation, here is referred to economic globalisation. One of the main contributors towards economic globalisation has been the role of MNC’s and TNC’s. The role played by IT sectors is significant in the further development of MNC’s and TNC’s. In India factors like liberalisation and globalisation of the economy has created the scope for increase in the number of IT companies. As the world is turning into a global village, the working conditions are changing and increasing further demands on people, which in turn lead to occupational/ work stress. This study tries to understand the stress levels within the IT workers. Stress levels in today’s competitive world increases the chances of unfavorable health conditions. There are many factors within the IT sectors which can have negative results for its employees. As this sector is attracting working population of India, it becomes essential to understand the work stress.  Not only should the work stress be understood, but also a way to remedy it must be found. Another dimension to this study is tourism and understanding whether it can be a way to cope with stress. The tourism industry is also vastly booming. There has been an acceleration of domestic tourists over the years. This research work tries to see whether IT workers choose tourism to fight with stress or in other words can tourism be seen as an effective method to deal with stress. 


Globalisation, Work Stress, Organisational Stress, Tourism, Information Technology

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