Maggie Gee’s Digitalized World: A Perspective on Condition-of-England Novels with special reference to The White Family and The Flood

Vaibhav Dhamal, R. S. Zirange


The world has changed and as it entered the digital world, the crises of the postmodern world have increased. Now, a large portion of human life is seen online and the crises, the suffering and their different form are being continuously observed online. Maggie Gee’s characters also rightly reflect these issues in The White Family and The Flood. The twenty-first century is marked by information explosion. The most revolutionary feature is the digitalization of all sources of information and knowledge. Digitalization is unique in its utility value as a postmodern feature. Many scholars have addressed the implications of the digitalization across many domains of social life. Digitalization is one of the- if not the-defining characteristics of the contemporary era and therefore the world of literature is not free from its impact.


Digitalization, Computer technology, Literature, Globalization

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