Muslim Women’s Role And Rights Under Personal Law With Special Reference To Unilateral Talaq Vis-A-Vis Contradictory Policy In India Through The Lenses Of Judiciary

Anisha Shaikh


Islam is the first religion in the world which has expressly recognised the separation or termination of marriage by the way of Talaq. In Islam Talaq is considered very bad form of ending a relation between the spouses. Muslim law Talaq is an arbitrary act of a Muslim husband who may repudiate his wife at his own pleasure with or without cause. He can pronounce the Talaq at any time. It is not necessary for husband to take prior permission of his wife. Notwithstanding a wife cannot divorce with her husband of her on choice. She can divorce husband only when the husband has given such right or under an agreement to her. A wife can Talaq her husband either by Khula or Mubarat.judiciary has prounced some judgements even if it is against public policy of personal the time has come to consider and reform some important aspect of muslim law because it is affecting the rights and liberty of muslim women.


Muslim Women’s Role, Muslim Women’s Rights, Personal Law, Unilateral Talaq, Contradictory Policy In India, Lenses Of Judiciary

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