Check List of Avifauna of Kuhi Lake of Nagpur District of Maharashtra State

Pramod Belkhode


The Avian biodiversity has a unique biological importance, which needs to be studied across the whole world. In this context this research paper throws light on the avifaunal diversity of Kuhi lake of Nagpur district. The Kuhi lake is surrounded by Kuhi village and water is daily used for irrigation, fisheries and washing of cloths. A large number of birds are present in the vicinity of lake area itself. Based on a year round observation a check list of birds of the lake and its vicinity  is prepared . So far no scientific data is available on the avian fauna of this lake, hence the present work was under taken to study the diversity of beautiful birds  of this area.  


Based on our recorded observations about 48 different bird species were found in the lake and adjoining sites having 2 migratory, 6 resident migratory and 40 resident birds in and around  Kuhi lake. Maximum birds were reported in winter season while minimum in summer season. The prepared check list throws light on different types of birds in the area and the lake site.


Check list, Avifauna, Kuhi lake, Nagpur district.

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