Agriculture Magazines and Information Dissemination A study of Government Identified Farmers in Andhra Pradesh

G. Anita


Agriculture and allied sectors continue to be pivotal to the sustainable growth and development of the Indian economy. It’s role in alleviating poverty and in ensuring the sustainable development of the economy is well established. The agriculture communication has also proved to be effective in realizing the objectives of improvements in the form of rise in yields, quality products as well as the sustenance of natural resources and others in agriculture. Print media which is a tool of mass media has been contributing to the agriculture enormously. Content of agricultural magazines helped in the raise of knowledge levels with regard to innovations in agriculture. It has been found that progressive farmers who were handpicked to communicate the messages for promotion of agriculture have also evinced more interest to read about stories and features as they are informative and impressive due to visual support. 


Agriculture, Agriculture Magazines, Agriculture Communication

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