Career Aspirations of girl students: A Study in the girls’ colleges of Upper Assam.

Devika Phukan, Dr. Jyoti Prasad Saikia


In this present study, an attempt has been made to find out the career aspirations of girl students studying in the girls’ colleges of Upper Assam in relation to their socio-economic background. The data required for the study have been collected from the higher secondary first-year students of the girls’ colleges of Upper Assam. The respondents have been interviewed with the help of an interview schedule in order to collect the required information. In this study, both primary and secondary sources of data have been utilized. The findings of the study reveal that on the basis of their different socio-economic backgrounds, the career aspirations of the respondents also differ. Factors like caste, religion, place of origin, etc. also significant impact in this regard.

Key words: Career, Career Aspiration, Socio-economic background, girl students, etc.


Career, Career Aspiration, Socio-economic status.

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