Effect of 6 week of core stability on balance and quality of life in elderly women

Fateme Poorshaban Najafabadi, Reza Mahdavinejad, Gholam ali Ghasemi


Falling is a threatening incidence for the elderly’s health that can bring change in their quality of life and increase care expenses among them. It can have physical, psychological, social consequences and can even lead to death. The purpose of this study was to assess a training program on static and dynamic balance and core stability and quality of life among elderly women.

Materials and Methods: 30 elderly women with an average age of 58/79 ± 7/02, Height 150/08 ± 32/03 cm and weight 70/15 ± 10/53 kg at Amateur Club of Najaf Abad Esfahan were selected and randomly divided into two groups. In order to assess the balance of static and dynamic balance on one leg stand test, stand up and go test and SF36 questionnaire was used to assess quality of life . The experimental group work 6 weeks of core stabilization. Data analyzed by using SPSS software and Levine statistical method with significant level of P <0/05.

Results: A significant difference between groups in the stand up with one leg and go test and SF36 questionnaires were found.

Conclusion: This study showed that the core stabilization exercise program can improve static and dynamic balance and quality of life of elderly women. Thus, core stabilization program appears to be a useful exercise to improve balance and the quality of life and reduce risk of falling and the cost of health care.


core stabilization exercises, static balance, dynamic balance, quality of life

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