Narrative art in Divakaruni’s The Vine of Desire

Aparupa Mookherjee


The narrative craft or the strategy employed in the delineation of the plot has become quite a significant area of study among scholars and critics in Postmodern fiction . In her novel The Vine of Desire Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni , an acclaimed writer with a Postcolonial diasporic identity ,  exhibits her skill in the art of narration by employing a symphony of voices that express the various conscious and unconscious desires of the characters caught in a complex web of values . Their hopes and fears ,  efforts and struggles at negotiating life at different levels are rendered effectively through interior monologues , stream of consciousness , letters , dreams , college assignments and omniscient observations . This paper seeks to analyse the means whereof the author establishes a correspondence between the form and content . The researcher will explore how the author achieves a structural symmetry through a coherence of thoughts , ideas and images , and how far  the use of multiple narrators appropriate in the delineation of the existential crisis of the characters .


Postmodern , Postcolonial , stream of consciousness , omniscient , narrative , existential crisis , interior monologue .

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