Consumer Empowerment in India – A Way Ahead

Yogesh Krishnath Gurav


Consumer Empowerment is a multifaceted concept that talks about skills, capabilities, rights, and the ability of the consumer to collect required information for making an informed and prudent choice. It also talks about the capacity of the market to provide legal and realistic protection mechanism to the consumers. In this context if, we look at the draft Consumer Policy 2009, Empowerment of consumers is placed at the heart of an effective consumer regime. However, it does not specify consumer empowerment in terms of consumers’ skills, knowledge about products / services and their assertiveness in the market. Therefore, in order to achieve the objective of empowering the consumers in its true sense the author has tried to shed light on how to go about empowering the consumers in India who can contribute towards economic growth of the country.


Consumer, empowerment, informed choice, protection mechanism, economic growth

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