Role of Ahom State to the Development of Craft Industries In Assam

Tarun Kr Halder


This papers attempts to analyze the implication of Ahom policies to the development of craft industries in Assam. Assam was rich in craft industries and since the early times it has been practiced in Assam. The inheritors followed the same traditional manner of their ancestors hence much innovations did not come to the crafts industries. It was during the Ahom rule some changes took place towards crafts industries as they adopted various measures for the growth and development of craft industries. The monarchs recruited many artisans under paik system, brought many adroit artisans from other states and installed them in various corner of the kingdom as well as encouraged to send many indigenous artists to other states for acquiring training in craft manufacturing. As crafts carried under guild system thus trade in association with these articles remained a usual matter of concern. Several marts or hats and frontier trading outposts have built under royal patronization to promote trade.


paik khels, monarchs, nobilities, craft industries.

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