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The debating for the ‘space’ between genders had always been burning topic over the years, being in the 21st century people, we still carry an impression of patriarchy among the genders.  Kerala society possesses a history of matrilineal society, but when the women come to action are remaining under veils of patriarchy. The spacing women in public and private is clearly underlined by the (patriarchal) society. The breaking of trend was booming up in the various fields, but in the field of public festival celebration was with the 2016 Pulikkali festival celebration with which is part of the Onam festival celebrations. The involvement of Women participants as Puli (tiger) was a milestone in the history of women in the public space, keeping all the essence of Pulikali and Onam celebration. This paper intends in identifying how the gender stereotype had effected the patriarchal mind as well as identifying the public space for women in a male dominated festival.


Sociology of space, Gender stereotypes, Onam Celebration.

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