“Consumer’s Perceptions Towards Global Brands”- A Case Study Of Delhi NCR

Ramesh Kumar


India is considered as one of the booming economies in the world, which provides tremendous chances for global corporations. The global brands have gained a bee line to the market in India to seize a market share in the growing pie. In today’s scenario brands are the basis of consumer relationship. Global brand is a product that adds other dimensions that differentiate it in some way from other products designed to satisfy the same need. Globalization is inevitable which has led the entire world to become a market, a global village. Not only has globalization made the world become a real single universal community containing people from various cultures, but also it has aided greatly in the exchange of services and goods, knowledge and information by reducing the international barriers, thus leading to the shrinkage of the world. This study examines consumer perception of global brands in India. Consumer brand perceptions have substantial implications inMarketing. The study explores and understands consumer perceptions of global brands in India by accomplishing the secondary objectives. . A global brand should provide relevant meaning and experience to people across multiple societies. The perception of quality that is associated with the global brands is difficult to unlock but it’s easier to create a blue ocean of opportunities for Indian brands.


Branding strategies, Global Brand, International Market, Brand Reputation, Consumer Perception

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