Survey of Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes in Soccer Players

Jeevan Singh Ngangom


Soccer injuries are very common and can keep players out for as little as one game, up to an entire season or can lead to players having to retire from the game all together. Unlike other sports, soccer is unique where you can use your head to your advantage and is a crucial part of the game. This does however cause more soccer injuries mainly concussion. The biggest cause of head injuries come from two players clashing heads through both attempting to head the ball.

          Purpose: The purpose of this study was to find out the concussion knowledge and attitude towards concussion on soccer players of Pune City.

           Setting and Design: .The data were collected on 50 professional soccer players of Pune City with their age ranged was 22 to 27 year. Questionnaire was used as a tool for this research.

           Methods: The current study was to find out the concussion knowledge and attitude towards concussion. The collected data for the study were analyzed finding out percentage.

Statistical Techniques: Percentage method was applied to find out the knowledge and attitude towards concussion

Result:  Players had a correct response percentage of 71.14%.

 Conclusion: The results concludes that the players needs more knowledge and awareness about concussion as the response percentage shows the lack of concussion knowledge.

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