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Community media was not a subject of importance nor did academicians take up the matter with seriousness till 1960s. Though community media exists and function prior to that, the concept become a matter of concern with the Bolivian crisis where miners used to propagate their agenda against the government, seriously influencing the local community of the area. Since then concept of community media begins to attain recognition as an important communication strategy.

In a diverse and complex society like the northeast India, the role of community media is gaining more important than ever. Owing to the geographical location, lack of infrastructure development and high illiteracy rate, mainstream media and the ICT at most of the times remain useless in many parts of the region. In such situation, community media with vernacular medium fills the void and serves the reading needs of the growing population. The paper deals on the growth of vernacular community media of different community settling in the present state of Manipur in the northeast India. 


Manipur, Print media, colonial government on press development, community media, vernacular newspapers.

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