Major Intergovernmental Mechanisms in India – A Case Study of NDC and ISC



Intergovernmental relations in India have been  by and large an affair of “Executive Federalism[i] rather than “legislative federalism: Today, the need for an intergovernmental mechanism in a federal system for a the co-ordination of relations between the two orders of government is fairly obvious. In this term paper, I would like to focus my attention on NDC (National Development Council) and Inter State Council (ISC) as the cases in point. NDC and ISC have emerged as two apex intergovernmental mechanisms of great importance, but they have hardly realized their full potential. In step with times, both the parliament and the intergovernmental forums in their respective domains must ensure opportunity of deliberative as well as participatory democracy.


executive federalism, legislative federalism, intergovernmental mechanism, participatory democracy.

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