Multiculturalism In Adib Khan’s Seasonal Adjustment

Jaywant A. Mhetre


          The present paper explores the multicultural aspects such as cultural conflict, diversity, assimilation, ethnic diversity in the novel Seasonal Adjustments of Bangladeshi origin Muslim writer, Adib Khan. It is significant that Khan’s first foray into writing was about the experiences of conflict and adjusting a new culture. His first novel, ‘Seasonal Adjustments’ (1994) is a thoroughly absorbing account of culture, family and faith told by a man who has a tenuous relationship with all three. ‘Seasonal Adjustments’ went on to win the Commonwealth Writers Prize first book award, after winning several other awards. Adib’s characters struggle to identify with a nation, culture and family they are no longer familiar with. Adib Khan’s body works gives the impression on meditation on a theme, with its focus on loss, regret, secrets and family history, all played out against a backdrop of cultural fragmentation. In all his work, his preoccupation has been with identity, particularly identity of the migrant and search for self. Khan uses his own experience of cultural fragmentation to tease out the betrayals and inconsistencies, the idealism and the bigotry that infest nationalism, as well as illustrate the lack of secure identity for these who are alienated from their country of birth.    


Cultural conflict, Adib Khan, Identity, Ethnic diversity etc

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