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The goal of this research project is to find out the novel Chitinases producing bacteria. The soil samples were collected from the Miraj and Osmanabad fish market and enriched in MS medium containing chitin as the sole source of carbon. 10 Bacterial species were isolated from soil samples by serial dilution technique and spread plate technique on nutrient agar and potato dextrose agar medium. The isolated bacterial species were screened for Chitinase production by primary screening on Colloidal chitin agar medium. Those Bacteria gives highest Chitinase hydrolysis zone used for Chitinase production by Solid State fermentation (SSF). The extracted Chitinase enzyme further used for Chitinase activity by DNS method in that highest Chitinase activity was 11.46µg/ml/min. on 11th day of fermentation.


Chitin, Chitinase, SSF, DNS.

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