Determinants of child mortality among the Rabhas of Udalguri district, Assam

Nabajit Kumar Das


Among several parameters to understand the living standard of a country, child mortality is a vital sensitive indicator. The study of child mortality has long been largely neglected by research in developing nations of world including India.Present paper deals with the infant and child mortality among the Rabhas of Udalguri district, Assam, to find out the reasons of child death as well as factors related to it. Interview with structured schedule was the prime method of data collection, while observation method was also applied whenever necessary. The cause of death was ascertained using verbal autopsy procedure. Percentage distribution, chi- square and logistic regression model have been used to determine the factors affecting child mortality. The study reveals that infant and child mortality among the Rabhas are 71.94 and 69.42 per 1000 live birth respectively. The female infant and child mortality are higher than that of male. It is observed that out of 605 live births, 563 (93.06%) children are surviving while 42 (6.94%) are dead. The main cause of death among the infant, 1-4 years and 5-14 years children are  low birth weight (30.00%), diarrhoea (44.44%) and fever (42.86%) respectively.In the present study factors like mother’s age at marriage, birth order, Parent’s education, institutional delivery and immunization have played  very important role in reducing child mortality.


Child mortality, chi-square, infant mortality, logistic regression, verbal autopsy

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