Management of Depression and Prevention of Suicide: Psychiatric Nursing Perspective.

Shubhada Kale


Depression is likely the most and still one of the most frequently diagnosed psychiatric illnesses. An occasional bout with the “blues,” a feeling of sadness or downheartedness, is common among healthy people and considered to be a normal response to everyday disappointments in life. These episodes are short lived as the individual adapts to the loss, change, or failure (real or perceived) that has been experienced. Pathological depression occurs when adaptation is ineffective.  Depression is an alteration in mood that is expressed by feelings of sadness, despair, and pessimism. There is a loss of interest in usual activities, and somatic symptoms may be evident. Changes in appetite and sleep patterns are common.

Suicide is a preventable outcome of mental illness, more so of depression. Depression if managed effectively could result in prevention of suicide. Health care providers, especially nurses are in the front line in providing effective detection, evidence-based nursing and support for those suffering from depression. Additionally, family members, work colleagues and friends all have a role in raising awareness of suicide risk. It is the need of the hour to understand the link between these factors i.e. management of depression and prevention of suicide: so that preventive measures can be better targeted.


Depression, Suicide, Psychiatric Nursing Perspective

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