Constructing Buddhist Atitude towards Environment : Plants , Animals and Forest in the Jatakas

Amrit Anurag


Jataka stories is related with the previous birth of Buddha in which stories recited to teach disciples the right conduct of life and the lessons of Karma ,Sansara and Dharma. Jatakas reflect the travails and experiences that Buddha underwent to attain the wisdom. There are almost 550 Jataka stories ,out of them some some are in human form and some in animal form. In each stories of Buddha’s life indoctrinated in a folklore way . Nature of jatakas stories are devoted mostly to the questions of ethical advancement concerning laity. Notions of community interaction and relations with others that arise in everyday living are stressed both in Buddha’s  appearance as a human being or an animal. Animals can be seen as potential human beings in Buddhist cosmology. Numerous examples justify the strong evidence of Nature and Environment in Jatakas stories.

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