A Study of Kinematic Release Parameters of Male and Female Shot Putters

Biswajit Acharyya, Sumanta Kumar Mondal


Today technique is equally the key to better performance, although we cannot escape the facts that "style" will always be an integral aspect in ultimate performance. This is due to the differences in the physical and anatomical structure of the human body, which differs from athlete to athlete.  The aim of the study was to gain understanding of the athlete performance and to communicate the knowledge to the coaches to generate accurate recommendation. The subjects for the study were selected from sports hostel in SAI (Salt Lake City). 05 male and 05 female national athletes were selected randomly and aged from 18 to 28 years. Each of them were given six trials and that best trial result was recorded for the analysis of various parameters. Such as:  height of release, angle of release, speed of release and horizontal release distance.  The above parameters were analyzed and calculated with the help of tracker 4.92 software. The actions of athletes were captured using cannon camera with 120fps speed and parameters like release velocity was calculated. The horizontal distance was calculated by reference tape. Result showed that male and female shot putters did not show any significant difference in angle of release of the shot and horizontal distance gained by the shot at release. The non significance difference in release angle of shot between male and female shot putters is in compliance with the basic mechanical principles.


Kinematic Release Parameters, Shot Putters

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