Human Resource Appraisal Practices in Self Financed Educational Institutions

Gopal Krishna Thakur


The human resources are the pillars of strength in any organization. The success of any organization in terms of achieving its goals depends largely on how well the human resources of that organization are performing as well as being taken care of. Educational institutions are not the exceptions when it comes to valuing its human resources. In fact, educational institutions are more dependent on its human resources in terms of accomplishing its envisaged outcomes. Compared to other organizations, educational institutions deal purely with human resources – be its students or teaching and non-teaching staff. To upkeep the wellbeing of its human resources in terms of their growth and development as well as identifying lose ends where some positive interventions need to be done, the educational institutions need the mechanism performance appraisal of their human resources more strenuously to be put in place. The purpose of performance appraisal should be to identify the potential and prospective talents, retaining them by offering various incentives and reinforcements and developing their capabilities to their fullest potential.  This paper delineates the detail of a study conducted to study the human resource appraisal practices prevailing in the self-financed educational institutions of the northern region of India.


Human Resource Appraisal, Performance Appraisal

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