Perception Of Paediatric Nurses Regarding Continuing Nursing Education

Nancy Fernandes Pereira


A pediatric nurses is a nursing professional that primarily works in the field of pediatric. CNE helps the health scenario to meet the needs of society as well as provide growth to the nursing profession. A study was conducted to assess the perception of pediatric nurses regarding CNE at selected hospital in Mumbai city. The objectives of the study was to identify the perception of nurses regarding CNE; the barriers they encountered to pursue CNE & the association between perception & selected demographic variables. The design was survey, the research approach was exploratory. The findings revealed 90% nurses attended CNE to obtain additional qualification, 98% to develop proficiency etc; the barriers were 74% lack of motivation & 75% long working hours. Conclusion: never the less irrespective of the reasons & frustration CNE’s are essential to nursing professionals


Perception, Continuing Nursing Education.

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