An analytical study of parental support towards physical education and sports

Arnab Ray, Sumanta Kumar Mandal


Parental Support towards Physical Education and Sports is one of the most important contributions for larger participation and enhancement of better performance in sports events. The aim of the study stated as Parental Support towards Physical Education and Sports. The subjects for the study selected the parents of 4 schools from Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal. Total numbers of parents were 120. Dr. Shobha Nandanwana and Dr. Nimni Asawa questionnaire was used as tools and materials for this study (parental support scale). They had to tick mark any one alternative from 3 choices given (Always, Sometimes and Never) which they found most appropriate in their case. Result showed that parental support towards the participation in physical education and sports are comparatively higher. Support and interactions between parents and School going Children include positive behavior towards participation in physical education and sport that their School going Children learn to be autonomous and successful in shaping their own lives through movements.


Parental Support towards Physical Education and Sports, school going boys & girls.

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