Premjith S, Praveen prasannan P, Jayasree N.S



Poovar estuary is a bar-built type and the sand bar of the estuary opens either due to monsoonal floods or cut open manually and establishes their connection with the sea. A large variety of fishes inhabit in the estuarine environment. The study on Ichthyofauna of Poovar estuary revealed that   28 fish species, belonging to the 21 families are present in the estuary. Out of these, 9 fishes including state fish Etroplus suratensis have great economic value at Poovar region. The fishing operation in Poovar estuary is mainly done by the fishermen comes from other states like Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. The present investigation showed that only traditional and eco-friendly fishing methods have been practiced in the Poovar estuary. Traditional fishing craft, plank built canoe and gear like simple gill net and hook and line are commonly used in Poovar eastuary. The study also revealed that the extensive pollution discharging from the tourist resorts and neighbouring habitations causes septicemia disease in the resident fish, Etroplus suretensis which results mass mortality of the fishes.


Poovar estuary, Ichthyofauna, Etroplus suretensis, septicemia.

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