A Deadly Silence Behind the Serenity of Landscapes Painted by Mughees Riaz

Dr. Sadia Arshad


Art in Pakistan flourished in robust manners during last two decades but the documentation about the progress of evolution of art scene is still scanty. Artists from different domains of art are performing a high caliber of productivity in their respective field which needs to be acknowledged and appreciated. This article represents the art works of Mughees Riaz. He is one of the mature artists from the current generation of Pakistani artists. His paintings reflect a particular mood which is documented by some critics as ‘peace’ or ‘serenity’ with reference to artist’s inspiration from nature. Whereas this article suggests that the mood in his paintings is in fact a kind of deadly silence which is actually the outcome of artist’s experiences and survival in the current socio-political circumstances of the country.     

Moreover this article presents a detailed analysis of artists painting compositions and philosophical aspects.



Art In pakistan, contemporary art in south Asia

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