A Critical Review On Blepharitis And Its Ayurvedic Approach

Prajakta A. Chachre, Santosh S. Mulik, D.B. Kadam, Sarita S. Mulik


Blepharitis is a common eye condition characterized by inflammation of the eyelid  margins resulting in inflamed, irritated, itchy, reddened and oedematous eyelids. A number of diseases and conditions can lead to blepharitis. It can be caused by the oil glands at the base of the eyelashes becoming clogged due to  bacterial infection, allergies or other conditions. The severity and course can vary. Blepharitis is a long-standing chronic granulomatous inflammation of lid margins.American Optometric Association has concluded that if blepharitis left untreated it can cause more serious conditions such as scarring or injury to the eye tissue or also lead to dry eye syndrome.Also,some cases of blepharitis may require more complex treatment plans and even with the successful treatment recurrence may occur4.Blepharitis can be correlated with the sign and symptoms of Praklinna vartma which is breifly explained in vartmagat netravyadhis in Sushrut samhita.According to the Tridosh siddhant of Ayurveda blepharitis is a kaphaj vyadhi. Ayurvedic preparations for local application like Triphala rasakriya varti,Apamarga rasakriya varti,Vanshmool raskriya varti,Palash pushp raskriya varti are explained by Sushrutacharya in the treatment of praklinna vartma5.


Blepharitis,Praklinna vartma,Palash pushp raskriya varti,Anjan.

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