Prospects of the Nigeria Civil Service Reform for Resources Utilisation and Management of Economy for Development

Mark Ochala, Ruslan Bin Zainuddin


Previous Nigeria governments both military and democratic have introduced series of reforms designed to improve the effectiveness and core values of the country civil service but the service have remained disorganized and incapable of reforming itself, let alone the rest of the economy. Therefore, for any reform to stand the test of time, there is need for clear understanding of all the stumbling blocks as well as the prospects. This paper thus appraised, identified and postulates the appropriate strategies for reformation of protracted challenges affecting Nigeria civil service. Given the fact that when civil service reforms strategies are properly implemented, the growth and development of the nation’s economy will be enhanced. Consequently, restructuring and modernization of the federal civil service commission which is the key institution for the recruitment, promotion and discipline of civil servants need to be given adequate attention.


Keywords: Civil service, Reform strategies, bureaucratic, management, human resources.

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