Deccan Sultanates and Persia: The Political and Cultural Relations in the Medieval Age

Ashiq A A


The contacts between the peoples of two civilisations of India and Iran dates back to the prehistoric period and their ties flourished in the ancient and also medieval age. Simultaneously, Persia succeeded to maintain contact with Mughals as well as the Deccan Sultanates in India. Migration into both sides, Deccan and Persia, was easy and had no geopolitical restrictions, Pakistan was not formed in their period. Geographical contiguity, desire of Deccan rulers to enlarge their kingdoms, and their passion for art, architecture and literature were the major factors in the formation of such remarkable relationship between the two medieval dynasties. In this context, the present article is an attempt to understand the contact in the political and cultural fields between Deccan and Persian dynasties in the age of medieval. 

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