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The Copyright law plays a vital role in political, technological, environmental, socio-economic and cultural benefits of a developing country like India. In 1998,Goverment of India has passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which updates copyright laws to address the realities of Digital Technology. I hereby trying to highlight Indian Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012 passed by parliament in 2012.In the modern arena of information technology ,copyright plays very important role which protects original creators from misuse of his/her work. Due to induction of hackers and all other misusers of I.T based information, I.T professionals and especially Librarians who are working with software’s have to take very cautious efforts to save the original work from piracy and unfair use. This can be done with the help of Copyright protection.                                                                                                                                                  

Keywords: Copyright Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012.

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