An Empirical finding of entrepreneurial factors & issues on stainless steel industry: a business case study of Outokumpu AB, Finland.

Mustafa Ahmed Ali Ali


The study of this research was undertaken to find out the entrepreneurial behaviour and activities of the companies and the major factors behind their successes. We have chosen to examine the large multinational group Outokumpu, which specializes in the production and processing of metals and minerals. The company is among the largest producers of stainless steel in the world which is surveyed and analyzed in this study. This study is important for empirical, practical analysis and findings of some theories, concepts and thoughts given by some researchers of entrepreneurship and related fields. In order to validate their thoughts and ideas, we have concentrated on the practical implications of these theories in today’s successful entrepreneurial companies and have tried to answer the research questions by applying them to our case analysis. Paradigmatic tools are used for conducting the survey and documentary research is followed to analyze the company. Findings of sustained competitive advantage and appropriate recommendations   are also discussed.


Entrepreneurial architecture, Outokumpu, Innovativeness, Logistics, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Subsidiary.

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