Study of Life satisfaction among male and female adults in Nainital

Champa Mathpal


Life satisfaction is the way a person tries to understand how his life has been and how he feels about where it is going in future. Life satisfaction is a measure of well being and may be assessed in term of mood, satisfaction ,relation with others  achieved goals, self concepts and self perceived ability satisfaction, includes some factors such as achieving goals and doing well as other people around them and feel happiness generally rather than right now.The purpose of the study was to complete male and female of the level of lifesatisfation .sample consisted 150 adults both male and female (75 male and 75 female )and they are selected from nainital district of kumaun region .The lifesatisfaction scale  constructed  by  Alam and srivastra (2005) was used.After data collection differences on the levl of life satisfaction among male and female adults was calculated using sample t test .Results revealed that there  was no significant difference between male and female adults


Life satisfaction ,adults ,gender difference .

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