Kalpana Devi, Som Nath Sharma


Feminist Jurisprudence is emerging theory to see the society and law from feminist point of view. Law is an instrument to change the society and feminist jurisprudence will definitely help to understand the law from feminist perspective. Feminist jurisprudence has tried to work at ground level. Mostly it is divided in to first wave feminism, second wave feminism and third wave feminism. Right from the Seneca Falls Convention and women are struggling till now. In practice Feminist Jurisprudence played important role to realise the rights and place of women in society.  It is due to only feminist jurisprudence women fight for their voting right in America. Feminist jurisprudence originated in USA and UK but now a day it is working all over the world and gender issues are taken seriously in whole world. Second wave feminist jurist were mostly radical and produced the strong and conveying slogans e.g. sister hood is powerful’ Consciousness rising, ‘The personal is political ‘“The politics of human work ‘Pro women line etc. They firmly believed that women could collectively empower themselves. Third wave feminism stated in 1990 and feminist jurists of third wave taken in to consideration age, race, sex and class. Age also plays important role in discrimination. They stated D.I.Y.-do it yourself. Women have to struggle them self for their problem. The objective of the paper is to understand the law and practical impact of feminist Jurisprudence. 


Feminism, impact of feminism, Law, struggle, gender justice

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Cynthia Grant Bowman and Elizabeth M Schneder., Feminist Legal Theory, Feminist Law making, and the legal profession, 67, Fordham Law Review 250, 1998.


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