Family Matters: A Journey of Belonging and Unbelonging

Ranu Ostwal Gaud


Diasporic writers in their writings expose varied ways in the narrative that explore methods to mirror their experiences and symbolize their dislocated dwelling spaces and identities. Diaspora specifically brings out the problems of homelessness - the feeling of unbelonging and the related issues like exile, alienation, up-rootedness, nostalgia etc. 

Mistry’s novel Family Matters represents the Parsis, a minority community and its sense of unbelonging [mental as well as spatial] through the lives of the characters of the novel, their psychology, distinct nature, and their longing for belonging.  The present paper attempts to focus on this longing for Home, reflecting and studying the novel on the above diasporic background highlighting the character of Nariman – the protagonist and all the other characters.


Dislocated dwelling spaces; Identities; Problems of homelessness; Feeling of unbelonging; Exile, Alienation; Uprootedness; Nostalgia; Longing for Home; Parsis; Minority community

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Mistry. Rohinton. (2002). Family Matters, London: Faber& Faber.


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