Analysis of ATM issues through the students response: A survey of Himachal Pradesh (Hamirpur)

susheel kumar


The Indian banking sector has undergone revolutionary changes since 1991; and then banking has seen tremendous amendment through adoption of latest technology in the world market. Solely banking sectors have continuing revolutionary amendment within the virtual banking as a result of its speedily redoubled the new and latest technology and given importance to produce superior client services through the ATM Machines, Electronic fund transfer at purpose of sale, good cards, phone banking and E-banking. However ATMs technology, that is the lot of gaining huge popularity among customers. ATM is such kind of innovation which will automatically settle for deposits, issue withdrawals, transfer funds between accounts and collect cheques. ATM is that the most well-liked delivery channels because it permits customers to try to anyplace, anytime by using banking system. This study has relevancy in understanding the student’s awareness, benefits, problems, location of the ATM; money deposit facility, ATM facility and new technology through the convenient sample of ninety student’s customers of varied cardholders and totally different streams in Himachal Pradesh. This study conjointly covers of varied younger students’ preference of ATM and period of Nov to Dec in Himachal Pradesh (Hamirpur).


ATM issues, problem benefits, awareness, point of scale

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