Fetal and maternal sequel in patients suffering from eclempsia

Iqra Shahid, Faiza Bilal Abbasi, Zahra Mariyam


Objective: This study is basically carried out to estimate the frequency of complications for both fetus and mother following the eclempsia.

Setting: Obstetrics and gynecology department, Holy family hospital, Rawalpindi.

Design & method: It was cross-sectional study and the pregnant patients with seizures, presented to Obstetrics and gynecology Outdoor and emergency was assessed clinically and with the help of laboratory investigations to record various complications.

Results: Total of 11570 patients was delivered in Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi during May 2016 to April 2017. Out of which 108 patients were diagnosed with eclempsia. Various complications were recorded in these patients, which frequencies are as follow. 19.8% cases had pulmonary edema, 5.5% had HELLP syndrome, 5.3% cases had renal failure, 3.6% had disseminated intravascular coagulation, and 1.8% had cerebrovascular accident. Maternal mortality was reported in 5.2% cases with eclempsia. On the other hand, 10.7% neonates expired before discharge from hospital. In term of complication, most common one is sepsis in neonate, which occurred in 27.4% cases.

Conclusion: This study was aimed to increase the awareness among the pregnant women about the seriousness of illness and its complication. So that routine visit should be carried out during antenatal period to reduce the incidence of disease and complications related to it.

Keywords: Eclempsia, maternal mortality, intrauterine growth restriction, primagravida.

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