Cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors among office workers of Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Zahra Habib, Dr. Shiza Akram, Dr. Rubina Kauser


Objective: Assessment of risk elements regarding cardiovascular disease and its occurrence in office employee, Lahore

Materials and Methods: The sample group was consisted of 200 officer workers with age ranging from 25-35 irrespective of the gender. The employees were removed from the final analysis who did not fill the Performa. The data relating to diabetes past history, family history, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and MI were recorded. Other assessed risked elements were smoking, physical inactivity, stress at occupation were recorded.

Result: The group was comprised of 200 patients with mean age of 27.1 ± 2.2 years wherein 100 were men and 100 were women. 88% employees were identified with the occupational stress which was the most significant element of risk. 31% employees had smoking risk factor and 33 % of workers were reported to have physical inactivity. 5% employees were identified with prevalence of diabetes.

Conclusion: The prevalence of risk element among the young workers are lack of physical activity, occupational stress and smoking. In order to avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular disease these modifiable risk elements required to bring under control.

Key Words: Stress, Cardiovascular risk, Hypertension

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