Agropedia Transformation: Bridging Rural Bharat with Agricultural India

Leela Dhar Mangi


The national agricultural innovations project(NAIP) of Indian council of agricultural research(ICAR), New Delhi supported consortium project on the use of ICT’s in developing a multimedia database of best management practices for few important crops and provides solutions to production problems faced by farmers across the country. The progress of research in agricultural fields and improvement of productions essentially requires timely supply of information to widely scattered users. To bridge this gap, Indian institute of technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) developed AGROPEDIA. Multimedia content in bilingual language on cotton, paddy, chickpea and pigeon pea has been uploaded to Agropedia-Indica portal. Agropedia forms the nucleus of possible collaborative global efforts in the field of agriculture.


Agriculture Portals, agriculture knowledge management (AKM), Agropedia-Indica, ICT

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