Assessing Awareness and Knowledge of Oral Cancer among Adult Dental Patients in Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Ghulam Abbas



Objective: Determination of oral cancer awareness level and knowledge and its connection with socio-demographic variables.

Study Design: Study was observational, place and duration: The research was carried out from January 2018 to June 2018 at Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Materials and Methods: The study group was consisted of 400 entrants of 18 years or above. There was acquisition of socio-demographic information and for the assessment of knowledge and awareness relating to oral cancer a structured questionnaire containing eight closed-ended questions was formed. For performing statistical analysis SPSS version 22 was used.

Results: Out of 400, 211 participants 52.75% have ‘good awareness’ whereas 189 participants 47.25% have “poor awareness” relating to oral cancer. An important connection was observed with place of residence, gender, age and level of education.

Conclusion: There is overall absence of knowledge and awareness among the population. Recommendations have been made with regard to investing more time for the programs of public education.

Key Words: Knowledge, Oral Cancer, Risk Elements


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