Cholelithiasis – A major cause of Acute Cholecystitis

Amna Khalid, Fabiha Moeen, Muhammad Awais



Acute cholecystitis means the inflammation of gall bladder. Gall stones is the most highly recognized cause of acute cholecsytitis which may or may not be complicated with super added bacterial infection. Gall stones are present in nearly 10% of the population[1][2]. Nearly 80% people are asymptomatic[3]. However, 1-3% develop acute cholecystitis due to these gall stones. It presents with fever, right upper quadrant pain and tenderness. This condition can easily be diagnosed with ultrasound abdomen. Occasionally HIDA scan may be needed when there is diagnostic uncertainity. Acute cholecystitis is managed conservatively to allow the inflammation to settle after which cholecsytectomy is performed however, early cholecsytectomy is also performed.

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