Fate of Patients of Hepatitis C on Antiviral Therapy

Dr. Sana Naseem, Dr. Muhammad Zaid Sajjad, Dr. Hassan Mahmood


Objective: To study the Fate of Hepatitis C patients on antiviral therapy.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out from March 2018 to Oct 2018 at Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Materials and Methods: In this study 200 hepatitis C patients on antiviral therapy were included. Kit method was used for diagnosing hepatitis C in all the patients and thereafter before initiating antiviral therapy it was confirmed by quantitative PCR. Before the initiation of antiviral therapy, quantitative PCR, Liver Function Test, blood picture was calculated. In order to see the exact liver picture, the abdominal ultra sound was performed. All the Hepatitis C patients of this study had the following antiviral therapy. 1 Sofsububir 400mg (OD), 2. Daclatasvir 60mg (OD), 3. Rivavirin 400mg (TDS). After the completion of the therapy, these tests were performed again. In order to record age, sex and above tests, a Performa was designed. From all the participants of the research an informed written consent was obtained. Before collection and publish of data, the permission was sought from the ethical committee of the institution. SPSS version 10 was used for analysing the results.

Results: The hepatitis C frequency was found maximum 35 (17.5%), 13% male and 22% female between the age group of 41 to 50 years and was found minimum 7(3.5%) 1% female and 2.5% male between the age group of 61 years and above.

Relating to the antiviral therapy complications it was found that in 9% patients of hepatitis C the acities was seen, in 19% patients anaemia was seen, in 2% patients Hepatic Encephalopathy was seen and in 1% patients Liver Cirrhosis was seen .

When the therapy was finished 182(91%), were cured whereas 18 hepatitis C patients could not be cured.

Conclusion:The conclusion was drawn on follow up that in hepatitis C patients there were complications (Acities, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Anaemia, Cirrhosis etc.) even after the treatment of antiviral therapy

Key Words:Antiviral Therapy, Fate, Hepatitis C, PCR.

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