A Review of Emerging Technology Trends in E-Commerce

Sumit Goklaney


After several years of growth, ecommerce has become mainstream and matured. However, the new challenges require that tomorrow’s ecommerce system move beyond the basic functions such as a static website with electronic catalog and/or a shopping cart towards an intelligent, dynamic, and secure commerce system. Businesses are expecting to streamline their business processes and have an efficient information system so that they can share information and maximize business investments and opportunities. This research project attempts to explore the emerging technologies that can solve these issues such as systems integration and information sharing. Specifically, the nascent technologies introduced include application services, web services, grid computing and their combinations. The potential factors that influence businesses to adopt ecommerce are discussed. Knowledge of these new technology trends will definitely help businesses in making strategic decisions and thus increase their business sustainability and competitiveness.


Emerging Technology Trends, Application Service, Web Service, Grid Service, E-commerce, types, Advantages of e-commerce, Barriers of e-commerce

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Do you know that e-commerce transactions in India are to reach $150 bn in 2010? By Rupesh Mandal • May20,2010.


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