Tourism in Northeast India: A Comparative Study of Tourists’ Satisfaction in Meghalaya and Mizoram

Jyoti Bikash Chakma, NVR Jyoti Kumar


Tourism is relatively recent India’s Northeast region, though the region has witnessed some developments in the tourism sector with the increasing number of domestic as well as foreign tourists. This paper aims to study the demographic profile of the tourists who have visited the select states of Northeast India, viz. Meghalaya and Mizoram, and also to assess their satisfaction level towards tourism attractions of these states. By using purposive sampling method, a sample of 100 tourists each from the two states was selected for the study. The findings suggest that majority of the tourists were males and belonged to age group of 21-35 years; and stayed in the select sates for less than 10 days. The study also proved that there was a significant difference between the satisfaction levels of tourists who visited the two states with regard to many attributes of tourism attractions. There is a scope to improve the general perception about the economic importance of tourism as industry and its positive impact among policymakers in the governments.


Demographic profile, Northeast India, Tourism, Tourism attributes

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