Incidence of Motorbike Associated Pattern of Injuries

Muhammad Zubair, Haseeb Elahi, Numair Javed



Objective: The main aim of our study was to find Incidence of Motorbike Associated Pattern of Injuries.

Duration of Study: This study was carried out in a period of 9 months from February 2018 to October 2018.

Place of Study: This study was carried out in accidents and emergency department of Mayo Hospital Lahore.

Materials and Methods: Patients between the ages of 6-70 years were included in this study regardless of their gender and patients had all kind of injuries. All the patients who presented in emergency department with road traffic accidents were selected and following inclusion criteria patients were selected. Injuries were classified according to different regions involved. Complete examination was done on each patient and related investigations were done to find the associated injuries. A pre designed proforma was used to collect the data of the patients. Informed consent was taken from all the patients and ethical committee approval was taken.

Results: A total of 2000 patients were studied in a duration of 9 months. Patients were between the ages of 6-70 years with the mean age of 31.4 years. Among these 1588(79.4%) belonged to male gender while 412(20.6%) were females. 1136(58.8%) patients suffered from injuries to lower limbs while upper limb injuries were seen in 544(27.2%) of the patients. Other results are as follows;

  1. Abrasions                                1874 (93.7%)
  2. Bruises                                    1040 (52%)
  3. Lacerations                             1362 (68.1%)
  4. Fractures in lower limbs         450 (22.5%)
  5. Fractures in upper limbs         272 (13.6%)

Fractures in spine was 28 (1.4%), skull and maxillofacial area 30 (1.5%), ribs 42 (2.1%) and pelvis 82 (4.1%).

Conclusion: Incidence of motorbike injuries is much higher in younger males who are bike fanatics. Among all the injuries seen abrasion and fractures of the lower limbs were most common.

Keywords: Motorbike accidents, fractures, Abrasions, Injury pattern.

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