A study on teenage drug abuse among students of Lahore

Zainab Abbas, Hakeem ullah, Ahmad Faeez


Objective:  The aim of this investigation is to analyze drug abuse found in teenagers in Lahore.

Study Design: Cross-sectional analysis was devised.

Place and Duration of Study: The examination was taken place in October 2018 at Department of Psychiatry, Fauji Foundation, Lahore.

Materials and Methods: Total number of students included in the study were 500, students of 13th and 14th grade (victim of drug abuse)were samples by non-probability convenience sampling technique.students suffering from extreme illness were not included. The given questionnaire was based on demographic detail and detail of the substance used by a abusers. Departmentof General Science , Medical, Arts,computerand IT and Medical was incorporated. SPSS v 23 was used to analyze the data.

Results: 343 (71.45%) students were male. 304 (63.33%) students belonged to an  urban backgroundwhile 300 (62.5%) were Lahore residents. A large number of people 233(48.54%) earned between 25000-5000 per month and 287(59.79%) had a history of substance abuse. Students from General science were 120 (25%), Arts 120 (25%), Medical students were 120 (25%), and computer & IT 120 (25%). Cigarette smoking 110 (22.91 %) was a widely used substance. Second most commonaddicts were that of poly drug 108 (22.5 %). Usage of sleeping pills among students was third common abuse 69 (14.37 %).

Conclusion: Cigarettes smoking was the most common abuse 110 (22.91 %), while poly drug abuse 108 (22.5 %) and sleeping pills in 69 (14.37 %) were second and third common substance  abuse amongstudents respectively.

Key Words: Teenage, Students, Drug abuse, addiction

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