Awareness of Breast Cancer in Lahori females

Ayesha Abbas, Hakeem ullah, Ahmad Faeez


Objective: The objective of this study is to investigate the knowledge of breast cancer in women aged more than 30.

Place and Duration of Study: The survey took place at Mayo Hospital, Lahore, carried out from September 2018 – March 2019

Materials and Methods: 300 women aged more than 30 years were included in the survey. A questionnaire was issued to the participants. SPSS v.17 was utilized to examine the acquired data with p value of 0.05

Results: Results reveled that participants lack knowledge regarding breast disease found in women above age 30. 55 % (0.001) among women did not have the slightest idea how to examine themselves, while 61.2% (0.002) came to an agreement that breast lump is mostly found in married women. 62.1% (0.064) deemed breast feeding causes a breast lump. 67.2 % (0.001) of women were not aware of a screening test. 51.1% (0.002) did not find redness of breast as an alarming indication. 49.1% (0.037) did not take inwardness of nipples or irritation in breast as an early sign of breast cancer. 71.3% lack knowledge of dangers contraceptives could cause ; breast cancer for instance. 49% women aged 40-45 displayed willingness to gain knowledge about breast self examination and its possible risk factors.

Conclusion: We discovered from our survey that a woman’s lack of knowledge of symptoms, self examination and screening test of a lump(present in breast) can cause major cancerous threats. This study will highlight this concernof lack of knowledge among women, and facilitate them with screening programs and equipments that would help prompting in an early diagnose

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