Comparison of oral and parenteral iron therapy in postpartum anemia

Muhammad Sa'd Masood, Ayesha Abbas, Zainab Abbas



To create a comparison between the efficiency of intravenous ferrous sucrose and Oral ferrous sulphate, present in postpartum iron deficiency anemia.

Study Design: Randomized control experimental study.

Place and Duration of the Study: The span of this study started from May 1st, 2018- December 30th 2018, and took place at Postoperative and PostNatal Ward of Surgimed Hospital, Lahore.

Materials and Methods: Around 50 cases of postpartum iron deficiency anemia assembled for this analysis and were further classified in two groups of 25 participants each. Group A was administered 200 mg of intravenous ferrous sucrose on second and fourth day of delivery (two doses). Group B cases were given 200 mg of oral ferrous sulphate daily for 6 weeks. Follow up took place at fifteenth and 40thof postpartum, regarding an increase in ferritin level and hemoglobin.

Results: In group A the mean Hb was 8.21±0.37 gm/dlwithin 24-48 hours of delivery and 8.69±0.59 gm/dl in group B. In Group A the mean serum ferritin level was 10.99±1.54  mcg/L and 11.54±0.78 mcg/L in group B. In group A, the mean Hb after 15 days follow up was 10.11±1.23 gm/dl and in group B 9.89±0.52 gm/dl and in group A, the mean serum ferritin level was 33.12±3.12 mcg/L and in group B 14.69±0.89 mcg/L. In group A, the mean Hb after 40 days follow up was 11.99±0.68 gm/dl and in group B was 11.22±0.41 gm/dl and in group A, the mean serum ferritin level was 45.99±3.89 mcg/L and in group B was 16.79±1.22 mcg/L.

Conclusion: Intravenous iron sucrose therapy increases the Hb level as well as serum ferritin level swiftly in comparison with oral ferrous sulphate in women with postpartum anemia deficiency anemia.

Key Words: oral iron therapy,Postpartum anemia, intravenous iron therapy, anemia, iron deficiency

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