Demographic Profile and Travelling Behaviour of Tourists: A Comparative Study of Meghalaya and Mizoram

Jyoti Bikash Chakma, NVR Jyoti Kumar


This paper aims to study the demographic profile and travelling behaviour of the tourists who have visited the select states of Northeast India, viz. Meghalaya and Mizoram. A sample of 100 tourists each from the two states was selected for the study by using purposive sampling method. The findings suggest that majority of the tourists were males and belonged to age group of 21-35 years and majority of were highly educated. It was revealed that over 44% of the respondents were first time visitors who were mostly travelling with family members. Vacation/leisure has been the main purpose for the visit while the word-of-mouth generated through family members or friends has been the major source of information used by the tourists while organising trip to the select states. The governments need to enhance connectivity of the region with the ASEAN nations to open up the opportunities for tourism development.


Demographic profile, Northeast India, Tourism destinations, Travelling behaviour, Word-of-mouth

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