The relation of study habits and academic achievements for medical students

Dr. Namrah Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Mateen Javaid, Dr. Zainab Chaudhary


Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of study habits of medical students to examine the contrast in study habits and academic achievements among male and female students.

Materials and Methods: An informed consent was obtained from the medical students of 2nd and final year. A questionnaire was filled regarding their academic performance and study habits. A total of 200 students (100 from 2nd year and 100 from final year) were included in the study.

Results: There is a significant association between study habits and academic achievements (95%). Female students have better (p-value 0.002) study habits than male students.

Conclusion: Academic performances are strongly affected by Student’s study habits.

Key Words: Study habits, questionnaire, academic achievement.

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