‘The Essence and Existence of Man’: With Special Reference To Erich Fromm

Naushaba Anjum


Erich Fromm is an eminent contemporary author, educator, social, psychological and humanist philosopher. His main contribution of humanism and the most significant philosophical issue is immense.  He was primarily a psychologist and can even be said to be the founder of what is known as humanist psychology. Many philosophers have argued that all human beings are essentially same in virtue of their sharing a common nature. Although some philosophers have based this, supposed of human beings on the biological constitution of human organism; but Erich Fromm’s philosophy of human nature is based on humanism or the study of Essence and existence of man. Here, Fromm trying to explain that Man’s existence is different from all other organism because of having reason and intellect.


Essence, Existence, human, Reason, Animal

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